Village and Town of Somers

Street Address
7511 – 12th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 197
Somers, WI 53171


(262) 859-2822 Tel.
(262) 859-2331 Fax



8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Monday - Friday

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Welcome to Somers!

EA & A becomes 4 Way Stop

On September 17th, stop signs were installed on CTH EA at CTH A making the intersection a 4 way stop. 

Please be mindful of this new traffic pattern.  

Road closures update

  • East and West Frontage Road near Highway A will experience lane closures as the road surface is being repaired during the day on Friday Sept. 6 and 7.
  • Highway E will re-open under I-94 starting at 6 a.m. on Sept. 9. The new ramps onto and off the interstate will remain closed to regular traffic at this time.
  • On Sept. 11, the two right southbound lanes of I-94 will be closed from Highway KR to Highway E as the exit is relocated.
  • Paving of driveways along the east bond lane of Highway KR will start the week of Sept. 16.


District Attorney Addresses Board

Kenosha District Attorney Mike Graveley addressed the Somers Village Board during its August 27th regular meeting.
Read more about it here

Labor Day Closure

In observance of Labor Day, the Village/Town Hall will be closed on Monday Sept. 2, 2019.

Annual Picnic in the Park


The Kenosha County Parks is holding its annual picnic Aug. 24 at Petrifying Springs County Park, near the Biergarten at the south end of the park. The event, which starts at 1:30 p.m., is free.

The daylong event features food trucks, five bounce houses, many performances including a fire breathing act, and what is anticipated to be the largest performance of "Baby Shark" in the county. The festivities will culminate in a fireworks show at dusk. 

Fire departments trains for hazmat situation



When a container of anhydrous ammonia sprung a leak over the state line this past spring, the poisonous gas that spread caused injuries to motorists and firefighters and forced the closure of schools in the area. About a dozen people found themselves in the hospital from exposure to the gas.


In an effort to be prepared for any accident involving the chemical commonly used as a fertilizer in farms around Somers, the Fire Department included it in its annual hazardous material training held June 4 on the Jerry Smith farm. 


Highways H and KR updates

Traffic patterns on Highway H and KR are scheduled to change Aug. 10 as part of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) roads project linked to Foxconn.


Highway KR, to the west of Highway H, is scheduled to reopen.

Traffic on Highway KR, between East Frontage Road and Highway H, will shift to the north onto the newly paved westbound lanes while crews work to reconstruct the eastbound lanes.

Access to 100th Ave. and 113th Ave. from Highway KR, will not be available during this stage of construction.


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How to Get Correct Information

The roadway project relating to Foxconn is FAST PACED and complicated.  We highly recommend that Somers residents and businesses go directly to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website links below for CURRENT, OFFICIAL, and CORRECT information.  Projects have the potential to change quickly and the changes will be reflected in the news shown on the links below. The links below are the same place where Kenosha County and all Village and Town municipalities obtain their updates.



Click to subscribe.


Southeastern Wisconsin Housing Summit September 12, 2018

Click here for details.



Monthly public update meetings are held at the Mt. Pleasant Village Hall.  Click here for dates.



I-94 North-South Freeway Southeast Project News.  This link is the BEST LINK to find CURRENT information about travel times, traffic closures, detours, maps relating to I-94.  There is an opportunity to sign up for email updates and we encourage Somers residents to take advantage of this communication service.


 I-94 Late Summer-Fall 2018 "Get Around Guide"



Development Roads (Foxconn).  This link is the BEST LINK to find CURRENT information about the overview of local road projects (Highways A, E, H, and KR), news, maps, traffic closures, new traffic patterns, etc.


Highway KR – Phase I

  • Phase I relates to Highway KR road work from I-94 east to Highway H
  • Utilities:  Communications, Electric, Gas, Sanitary, Water
    • Utility construction work will take place on the Racine County side of Highway KR
    • Work will be done in conjunction with road construction
    • There will be traffic issues.  Patience will be required.



Highway KR – Phase II

  • Phase II relates to Highway KR road work between Highway H and Highway 31
**SPECIAL NOTE to residents and businesses who own property impacted by Phase II, especially those who may be impacted by railroad overpasses
  • This area is currently in the “design” phase
  • 60% of the preliminary design planning is expected to be completed by November 1, 2018
  • Phase II construction is expected to begin 2021
  • Property owners are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to voice their concerns and ask questions relating to their specific parcel NOW.
  • The contact at Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the PLANNING AND DESIGN is Steve Hoff, Project Manager.  Contact him at 262-548-6718 or  Questions may also be directed to Cynthia L. DeVor (consultant to the DOT) at 262-510-8901 or




Contact information with related links.


General Information