Village and Town of Somers

Street Address
7511 – 12th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 197
Somers, WI 53171


(262) 859-2822 Tel.
(262) 859-2331 Fax



8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Monday - Friday

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Board of Fire Commissioners



Paul Chilsen, Chair, was appointed in 2015. His term will expire May 1, 2020.

Michael DeLuca was appointed May 14, 2019. His term will expire May 1, 2024.

Glenn Fenske was appointed in 2017. His term will expire May 1, 2022.

Jeff Johnson was appointed in 2017. His term will expire May 1, 2022.

Vince Montemurro was appointed August 15, 2018. His term will expire May 1, 2021.


Chapter 5.015 of the Village of Somers Code Ordinance


A Board of Fire Commissioners shall be created consisting of five (5) citizens, any three (3) of whom shall constitute a quorum.  The Village President shall appoint members.  All members of the Commission must be residents of either the Village or Town of Somers.



The Commission shall have such powers as are enumerated in Chapter 62.13, Wis. Statutes, including, but not limited to, the appointment of the Chief of the Fire Department, who shall hold office during good behavior, subject to suspension or removal by the commission for cause, and to discipline full-time employees of the Department.



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