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Somers Ladies Keep Rain Garden Looking Spectacular


Master Gardeners Margie Hannes and Sharon Janusz, Somers residents, weeding the wildflower bed at the Village/Town Hall
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)

Master Gardeners Margie Hannes and Sharon Janusz, both Somers residents, were busy at work this week keeping the Rain Garden in front of the Village/Town Hall looking spectacular!  Thank you Margie and Sharon for your dedicated volunteer hours in the Master Gardener program. 
As you enter the main door of the Somers Village and Town Hall, the 654 square foot Rain Garden was established in 2012 to capture discharge from two downspouts allowing the rainwater to absorb into the garden soil.  Annual storm water infiltration is estimated at 26,160 gallons!
We are proud to have both the Margie Hannes and Somers Rain Gardens featured as Demonstration Rain Gardens on the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network website


Thank you again Margie and Sharon!  We all look forward to enjoying the beautiful wildflower display as it begins its blooming season.
Click here for Somers Rain Garden information.

Master Gardeners Margie Hannes and Sharon Janusz, Somers residents, tackle the never-ending job of weeding a summer garden.  Thanks again Margie and Sharon!
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)





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