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The Village and Town of Somers welcomes all children grades kindergarten through high school to participate in softball and basketball youth programs.  Residency is not a requirement to participate.

Softball season is May through July and all games are played at the Somers Memorial Park directly behind Somers Village and Town Hall.  Basketball season is January through April and all games are played at the Somers Elementary School.  The softball and basketball programs are separately coordinated and managed by Directors who are paid by the Somers General Recreation Fund.  Ads searching for Directors are placed in the local newspaper each season.

Coaches are volunteer positions.  Parents who wish to coach or help should contact the Director.


Village and Town of Somers Softball

T-Ball (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)
A-Ball (Grade 1 and 2)
AA-Ball (Grade 3 and 4)
Minors (Grade 5 and 6)
Majors (Grade 7, 8, and 9)
High School (Grade 10, 11, and 12)


Village and Town of Somers Basketball

Minors (Kindergarten and Grade 1)
Intermediate (Grade 2 and 3)
Majors (Grade 4 and 5)



2016 Somers Indoor Basketball

Somers basketball season starts January 19, 2016.  This program is open to Village/Town of Somers residents first and all others on a space available basis.  All leagues are coed and all games are played at Somers Elementary School.  Fees for Somers residents is $30.00 and non-residents $50.00.
Sign up deadline is December 18, 2015.
Click here for 2016 sign-up form.


2015 Somers Softball Program

Click here for 2015 information and registration form.  Deadline to register for the 2015 season is May 1, 2015.


2014 Somers Softball Program

The 2014 Somers youth softball season ended July 31, 2014, playing a total of 120 games at the Somers Memorial Park located just south of Somers Village and Town Hall.  The program increased participation by 63 players and showed an increase in one team compared to the 2013 season.  The statistics for the season are as follows:  373 players; 6 divisions from t-ball to high school; 28 teams; 26 coaches; and 8 umpires.  The softball program is funded by the Parks and Recreation annual budget.


2010 Somers Softball Program

547 players (242 residents and 305 non-residents)

6 divisions (t-ball through high school)

46 teams
90 coaches
9 umpires
23 games were played, per week, for 8 weeks (May 26-July 31st) = 184 games
4 all-star games were played to end the season
games were played Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights with make-up games on Monday and Friday

Note:  "We had a slight increase in players this year.  Younger divisions remained about the same with the older divisions increasing slightly, including having 5 high school teams which is the most we have ever had.  Unfortunately for most of these players, this was their last year and they were very disappointed there was nowhere for them to play after high school."


2011 Somers Winter Basketball Program

Dates:  January 5, 2011 through April 6, 2011

Days:  Tuesday and Wednesday

Grade of Children:  1st through 5th Grade

Number of Coaches:  17

Total Teams:  7
Children in Tuesday League (2nd and 3rd Grade) = 40

Children in Tuesday League (4th & 5th Grade) = 27

Total Children:  67


Note:  The winter basketball program this year was a great success even though there was low enrollment.  This year Kenosha Unified School District went paperless only letting our league have our sign up forms on line and not handed out in the schools like in the past.  This is what lead to low enrollment.  Most parents were very unhappy that we were not able to hand the forms out in school to their children.  Due to the low enrollment we had to cancel the K-1st grade league this year.  We were able to move most of the players up to the 2nd and 3rd grade league.  We also had a problem with the booking of the gym.  Another group bumped us from the normal time we have had for the last several years.  I suggest we have the permit for the gym in no later than June 1, 2011 for the 2012 basketball season.  Although we had a few minor set backs we were able to have a very great year and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the parents.  I set up an email account for the league and face book page to open up the communication with the parents and that worked very well.  The concerns that I have for the 2012 season as far as equipment are one or two air pumps for the basketballs.  I would also like to have a first aid kit on hand for any minor injuries the kids may have.  I will be working with Tim Kitzman and the Kenosha Unified School district during the start of the school year to find a way to get our sign up forms and information about our league to every child in kindergarten through 5th grade so our number will be greater next year.  The parents have responded great to this type of learning basketball league and my goal for next year is to increase our numbers to make this a very strong city wide basketball program.  Dave Ley, Director and Amber Mueller, Asst. Director.



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