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13th Avenue Pike River Embankment Repairs Completed

The 13th Avenue embankment repairs have been completed and the road has been reopened.  The July floods eroded a significant portion of the Pike River embankment, creating a safety concern for the traveling public.  13th Avenue was temporarily closed for approximately one week while emergency roadway embankment and stream stabilization work was completed.


The Village of Somers has applied to FEMA requesting reimbursement for eligible disaster-related infrastructure repairs to the Pike river damage, flood disaster debris removal, etc.
Michels Corporation completed the construction work on repairs that included 100 feet of sheeting, heavy quartzite rip rap, silt fence, grade riverbank, fiber fabric, backfill, and grass seed.  The cost estimate of this project was $189,925.00.


13th Avenue embankment repair resulting from the July floods - Somers
(Photo Source:  Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)


13th Avenue embankment repair on the Pike River
(Photo Source: Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)


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