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Saving A' Life Marathon at Village Hall 02/16/2019

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DIBBS17 CPR Challenge & Somers Fire & Rescue Association


Saving A’Life Marathon (SAM Event) 
Saturday, February 16, 2019  
The Village of Somers 7511-12th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144 


17 Hours of 1,700 people learning the CPR life saving skill, raising $17,000 for the Somers Fire & Rescue Association’s 1st LUCAS CPR Device.  Everyone, all ages, can help us Keep “SAM” alive by learning to “pump” the heart!  $5/person ages 7-17 & $10/person ages 18 years and older. 


On June 25, 2018, 18 year old David Dibble went into Cardiac Arrest on the baseball field and was saved by Coach Zach Sievers doing CPR.  The Dibble Family began the #DIBBS17CPRChallenge paying it forward to have 1,700 people or more learn CPR in one year by June 25, 2019. 


Dibbs17 partnered with the Somers Fire & Rescue Association to raise money for a LUCAS CPR Device in the Somers community.  Together, we will be training others to know Hands Only CPR as well as having this major life saving Lucas Device with our local 1st responders that is proven to make a difference with life and death situations they face everyday. 


Please contact Captain Scott or Connie Schneider for any questions or details to help us share this event and answer any further questions you may have.  Thank you! 


Captain Scott Schoenfield, Somers Fire & Rescue Association 

Connie Schneider, Dibbs17 Coordinator




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